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Woodies Safe Dreams® furniture for newborns and children – 50 years of experience in the furniture industry.

Woodies Safe Dreams® are cots and nursery furniture made by a dedicated team from Poland. The company opened in 1995 but the family behind it has 50 years of priceless experience in the furniture industry. We use every bit of our multigenerational knowlege in producing and designing new furniture for newborns and children – some of the most demanding customers in the world! We believe that parents can have peace of mind when their little ones sleep in a safe bed. We deliver our cots and beds to parents across the whole of Europe.

Our furniture is made of only the highest
quality materials from local providers.

We know that by taking care of every detail at every stage of production we’ll be able to satisfy and gain the trust of thousands of customers. We’ve designed our furniture to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping experience for newborns and children. Furthermore, our furniture wouldn’t be perfect if we didn’t use only the highest quality materials from our Polish suppliers. Woodies’ furniture is 100% made in Poland, under strict supervision, and is certified for safety and quality. Additionally, we care about the environment around us and use only ecologically-obtained wood. That’s why about a decade ago we planted a forest near our manufactory.

The trees we planted have grown into a beautiful forest.
Here, a family of badgers have made a home.

We attach great importance in making our furniture not only safe but also beautiful!

Multi-award-winning cots and beds from Woodies Safe Dreams® are a combination of safety and world-class design. We believe that a newborn should be surrounded by beautiful things from the very beginning- that’s why we’ve chosen the Scandinavian style of design. Add to that, when we design our products, we are constantly innovating. As a result, the furniture we make is one-of-a-kind and confirmed by the patent office.

We support and cooperate with polish companies.

We are connected by passion to make unique, timeless things,
with dedicated attention to detail and quality.

Our promises:

We ship global

Unique customer

We are the manufacturer – we sell
our products straight to you

Child safety is paramount

Manufactured in Poland – high
quality with a competitive price

Multiple awards

People and environment

Cots and beds from Woodies are made of safe - certified environmentally-friendly - materials by people who really care about and enjoy what they’re doing. At Woodies, we believe in respecting each other and want our employees to feel appreciated and to bring their unique experiences and ideas to the table. Woodies Safe Dreams® – we want to become one of the most recognized competitive companies and make Woodies a leader in the industry. We want to offer high-quality products and child furniture collections, which meet and exceed parents’ expectations.
Woodies Safe Dreams® – we create wooden cots and beds for children according to European safety standards

Woodies Safe Dreams® – we create wooden cots and beds for children according to European safety standards

When manufacturing children’s beds and nursery furniture by Woodies Safe Dreams®, we use wood obtained in an ecological way. Each batch is made of the highest class of Polish pine wood. Every single piece of furniture is covered with two layers of eco-friendly, certified paint. In order to preserve the natural scent of pine wood, the bottoms of the beds are left in their raw, polished form, providing perfect ventilation. Wooden, certified constructions meet strict European standards. They do not have sharp edges and corners. They are equipped with additional security measures on the sides and on the bottom.